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helping you get outside to learn

Nothing engages kids of all ages quite like outdoor education and experiential learning. Getting out into nature to touch, feel, and explore the natural resources of our beautiful province creates lasting impressions and reminds us all what we need to work to protect and cherish for future generations.

The BC Outdoor Education Cooperative came together in 2021 to make it easier for teachers to locate and utilize the natural and human resources available to enable outdoor learning opportunities. With a focus on environmental sciences and conservation biology, this website and map tool are designed to culture collaboration for outdoor exploration between educators and kids of all ages.

Are you an educator with great ideas to contribute to this map? 
Do you want to engage with local experts for place-based science learning?
Let's connect and get your knowledge on the Outdoor Experts Map!
Check out our map below for places to explore with your class in the BC interior and for resources to help you know what to expect, how to find the local experts, scientists and naturalists who know the flora and fauna and want to contribute to these outdoor learning experiences


Disclaimer: Outdoor Experts does not assume liability for the use of any information on this site for educational purposes.

Users, educators and/or guides are responsible for following their own safety procedures and protocols for field trips with minors.

Interested in joining our network to contribute your expertise of the natural world? Send us a message to connect, we would love to hear from you!


You can easily add your favourite places to the current OE map or you can follow our template to create your own OE map for your school district or regional outdoor education groups to build on.


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